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A special thanks to the Tri-City & County
Citizens Advisory Committee members for their years of dedicated volunteer service.


“The majestic golden eagle rose on early morning thermals and soared over the lush green, springtime hills separating Cordelia from Sky Valley. Down below cattle grazed with their young calves as they warily eyed a small group of horseback riders cantering along the trail which winds through these hills from Lake Herman to Lynch Canyon." This quote, penned 20 years ago, pictured Solano Open Space in the year 2020.
Now, we no longer have to wait until the year 2020 for this ‘vision of the future’ to be fulfilled. Although few Bay Area residents are aware of its existence, the Solano Open Space described above is accessible today.
From the ridge tops on a clear day, the view stretches from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Sierras. The grand panorama includes Mount Tamalpais on the west, Mount Diablo on the south, the expansive Suisun Marsh on the east, and the Vaca Mountains to the north and northeast.
But a narrower focus may reveal the real masterpiece here.

The steep hilly grasslands, oak woodlands and riparian corridors provide habitat for a wide variety of species, including many that are rare and endangered. Johnny jump-ups provide habitat for rare butterflies. Several ponds provide prime habitat for the endangered California red-legged frog. Soils support native grasses such as purple needlegrass, blue wild rye and numerous wildflowers. The hills are a raptor’s paradise where golden eagles, Northern harriers, burrowing owls, and Swainson’s, Cooper’s and red-tailed hawks scan the open grasslands for food. Birders will delight in spotting Northern orioles, towhees, Western bluebirds, Swainson’s thrushes, Western kingbirds, black phoebes, tree swallows, and western meadowlarks. Mammals include black-tailed deer, coyotes, bobcats and raccoons.
We encourage you to look around our website, find out a little--or a lot--more about Solano Open Space, and then come for a visit. At the current time, access is exclusively docent-guided. For more information click on the Activities & Events link above.