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10th Annual Mare Faire & Fennel Festival   Sunday,  AUG  13, 2017
8:00 AM

MARE ISLAND HERITAGE TRUST —  Mare Island Shoreline Heritage Preserve
Join us August 11-13 as we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Mare Island Shoreline Heritage Preserve and the 160th Anniversary of the Mare Island Naval Ammunition Depot with history tours, guided hikes, including along Mare Island's Southshore, chances to view the famous local osprey, visits to the old Naval cemetery, wine tastings, cooking classes, bikes rides, plus more workshops and presentations Catch the amazing sunset and then continue into the evening with a campfire and a Lighted Trail up to the summit of the Preserve. On Saturday, there will also be tours of a WWII Gunboat, tours of St Peter's Chapel, and displays at Mare Island Museum. Don't miss out on a fennel-pollen themed breakfast or lunch at the Visitors Center, offered both Saturday and Sunday. Most events are free, but check individual event listings. For details, see the Mare Faire & Fennel Festival brochure online, or call or text to 707-249-9633.
     167 O’Hara Ct
     Mare Island
DIRECTIONS: Located at multiple venues around Mare Island. See brochure for details. The Preserve Visitor Center is located in Building A-167, at the end of Railroad Ave.